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I Coach Financial Advisors How to Become 7-Figure Business Owners that Impact the World

A 6-Month Proven Plan for Achieving Higher Profits & Greater Purpose

Derrick Kinney

The Advisor to Advisors

Seen on FOX News, CNBC, and CNN

Best-Selling Author

Top Podcast Host

Exited His Firm for a High 7-Figure Sum


“I’ve been where you want to go. I will guide you to the top so you can avoid the costly mistakes I made and achieve success in a fraction of the time.”

You’re a high-achieving
financial advisor.

You shouldn’t have to struggle with…

Feeling stuck hitting the same revenue ceiling year after year

Making it up as you go because the old ways aren’t working anymore

Being a prisoner to your business and missing out on treasured family experiences

That leads to sleepless nights and endless worry. We don’t want that for you. Our Elite Coaching gives you a plan to crush your revenue goals and find purpose and meaning.

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Derrick Has Been Seen On…

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You’ll finally learn how to…

Breakthrough to the $1 million revenue mark or grow from $2 million to $3 million

Stand out as the “advisor of choice” to buy other advisors’ businesses

Attract more high net-worth prospects who want to work with you

Enjoy a high-recurring revenue, low expense advisory business

Implement a proven system for amazing client service and investment success

Make a big impact in the causes you care about


We Create 7-Figure Financial Advisors That Impact the World
You Deserve to Become One

Do you feel stuck and frustrated? Are you hungry to achieve your business dreams but you don’t know what to do?


Early on, there was nothing that set me apart. I was just another financial advisor. And I was tired of being overlooked by high net-worth prospects.

Until one day, an amazing thing happened. 


My calendar booked up. My business began booming. It was the impact my business was having on the local community. 


Today, I call it your “Generosity Purpose.” 


It grew my financial planning business into one of the top in the nation. And today, the Generosity Purpose is helping countless financial advisors across the country crush their revenue goals and build a base of loyal, raving clients. 


And it will grow your business too.

Hi, I’m Derrick Kinney, and I’ve been where you are.

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Rave Reviews from our Elite Coaching Clients…


Jon Kuttin

 CEO Kuttin Wealth Management (the #1 ranked Ameriprise Financial practice in the country)
“Derrick, you’re amazing! Your insights have redefined how we approach conversations with prospective clients. My team and I are grateful for you!”

John Skomski

Certified Financial Planner
“Can’t say enough about Derrick’s coaching. It’s powerful and practical. I’m more excited than I have been in years and my business vision is clarified. This is truly life changing!”

Kelly Curnutt

Founder, Curnutt & Hafer Attorneys
“The Generosity Purpose idea is revolutionary! This will help us retain and attract top talent–and impact the causes we care about. Derrick is an amazing coach.”

Nancy M.

Certified Financial Planner & Registered Investment Advisor
“I was stuck at $650k but I have always wanted to grow my practice to over $1 million in yearly revenue, but didn’t know how. When Derrick began coaching me, everything changed. Now I’m enjoying running my practice again and I’m attracting great clients.”

LaTosha Rogers

Senior Branch Office Administrator, Edward Jones
“We received more value in one day with Derrick than from an entire year with another coach. He’s giving us simple steps to finally grow our business and attract great clients–that actually work!”

You Won’t Find Me Standing in Front of a Lamborghini or a Private Jet. That's Not How I Define Success.

Here’s a secret: lots of money won’t make you happy–until you add meaning to your money. My framework will help you make more money so that you can do more good with it. When you do, you’re going to feel amazing. You’ll enjoy a booming business and a meaningful life.

Here’s Derrick’s highlight reel

Founder of a financial advisory  business from scratch, grew it, acquired others, and recently exited for a high seven-figure sum.

Named a Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisor and was the #1 fee-based advisor among the 10,000 advisors at my broker-dealer.

Bult regional Texas powerhouse business with 4 locations

Worked with multiple lottery winners

Author of the Wall Street Journal and USA Today national bestseller, Good Money Revolution (tag the book on Amazon).

Host of the top-rated Good Money podcast where he inspires business owners and entrepreneurs to make more money to do more good. His guests include Matthew McConaughey, Mel Robbins, Ed Mylett, Jon Gordon, Daymond John, and Sharon McMahon.

CNBC, FOX News, CNN, FOX Business, PBS and the Wall Street Journal have called on Derrick for easy-to-understand money and business advice. Trusted voice on business & money.


Choosing an Elite Coach is an Important Decision. 

You Deserve to Have a Guide Who’s Been Where You Want to Go


Steps to Become a Revenue Rockstar that Impacts the World

  • Attract More High Net-Worth Prospects: Own the Problem that Keeps Them Awake at Night
    When you own a problem, you own your success. But when your financial advisors appear to be like every other financial advisor, they miss out on high net-worth prospects. The wealthy have problems that they need solved. In this talk, Derrick teaches your advisors how to position themselves as the specialist to solve wealthy prospect problems.
  • How to Make More Money & Experience More Meaning: Creating Your Generosity Purpose™
    When advisors have a cause that they care deeply about, it motivates them to grow their business to do more good. High net-worth prospects are attracted to working with professionals who are making the world and their local community better. It also engages advisors’ existing clients to be part of a bigger purpose—so they become raving referral sources. As advisors become known as a “friend of their community” their business scales. And they attract and retain top-quality staff too.
  • 3 Steps to Stand Out As the “Advisor of Choice” to Buy Other Advisors’ Businesses
    Buying another advisor’s book of business is one of the most effective ways to scale your business. But the time-intensive and confusing process can feel like the Wild West—unless you have Derrick’s proven playbook for success. He walks your advisors step-by-step through his framework to help them secure more deals and stop spinning their wheels. Derrick prevents your advisors from making costly mistakes that waste time and money.

Our Secret Sauce Radically Grows Your Revenue
Stand Out From Every Other Financial Advisor and Make a Huge Impact in Your Community

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We use the most unconventional method for you to unleash your revenue potential: Your Generosity Purpose & Owning a Relatable Problem. These 7 words skyrocketed Derrick’s financial advisory business. He became respected and beloved in his local community. The most profitable, high-net worth prospects desired to work with him. And now it’s time for them to work with you!

How My Elite 6-Month Coaching Program Works
(100% Money-Back Guarantee)


Premier Growth Accelerator

$7,500 retail

Special Pricing:


 for 6-months of Elite Coaching

Bi-monthly 60-min. group coaching calls

Walk you through my proven framework

Be part of a community as you learn alongside other talented and success-minded advisors

Support from me via Voxer

Weekly Insider Tips Texted to You - Like having a business whisperer in your pocket

VIP Growth Accelerator


Special Pricing:


 for 6-months of Elite Coaching

Bi-monthly 60-min. group coaching calls

Walk you through my proven framework

Be part of a community as you learn alongside other talented and high-achieving advisors

Support from me via Voxer 

Weekly Insider TIps Texted to You - Like having a business whisperer in your pocket

Exclusive VIP upgrade

1 Private 60-min. 1:1 per month with me

$4,500 value

A new cohort only opens up every 3 months. Due to my speaking and media schedule, this is EXCLUSIVE & VERY LIMITED.

3 Steps to Get Started

Schedule Discovery Call

We’ll discuss your current business and listen to your concerns, goals, and dreams for the future.

Join a Community

You join a community of success-minded advisors with Derrick being 100% invested in your success!

Discuss Next Steps

We’ll discuss the Elite Coaching Program and the next steps to get started.

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