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Derrick is able to offer very limited, exclusive 1-on-1 coaching for financial advisors. 

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with Derrick

Here’s what he is most sought-after to coach advisors through: 

Steps to breakthrough to $1 million and beyond. We know it’s frustrating hitting the same revenue ceiling year after year.


A plan to be selected as the “Advisor of Choice” to buy other advisors’ businesses. It’s one of the fastest ways to skyrocket your growth.


How to stand out from every other advisor in your community. This is the secret to attracting more high net-worth prospects.


The new way to leverage sponsorships and marketing events. You’ll start growing your business and stop wasting money.


What to say in every social setting. Memorable people make the most money so you deserve to be a confident communicator.


How to easily support the causes you care about. You’ll learn the simple framework that creates a raving client base.

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To schedule private coaching with Derrick, please inquire below.


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