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An Unforgettable Speaker for Financial Advisors

Derrick Kinney is a crowd-favorite at every event he’s invited to speak at. He is the bestselling author of the #1 marketing book for financial advisors, Master the Media to Attract Your Ideal Clients, and the Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY bestseller Good Money Revolution. Derrick’s fresh marketing message is revolutionizing the way financial advisors build impactful, high-revenue businesses–by connecting meaning to their money.


Derrick Has Been Seen On…

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Each presentation is a masterclass in financial wisdom. When Derrick speaks, advisors don't just listen – they evolve. Derrick offers several keynotes. His most popular is called "5 Steps to Building a 7-Figure Financial Advisory Business that Impacts the World." It’s based on his revolutionary framework that is being used to build some of the nation’s most respected advisory businesses.

Derrick’s Keynotes…

Well, They're Nothing Short of Transformative

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Give Your Advisors a Radical Wake-Up Call That Engages Them – and They Actually Take Action On

Your audience will love Derrick's humor, memorable stories, and easy-to-implement action steps. Advisors are inspired to grow their businesses and make more money so they can do more good for the causes they care about. 


In-Person at Your Location

Derrick travels to speak in-person to your audience.


Derrick joins your event live from his studio in Arlington, TX.

“Your presentation was amazing at our National Conference. You quickly connected with our advisors. They were inspired to grow their business. Our advisors ranked you as the top speaker.”

-Janine Wertheim, Chief Marketing Officer, Securities America, Inc.

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More Keynotes from Derrick:

  • Attract More High Net-Worth Prospects: Own the Problem that Keeps Them Awake at Night
    When you own a problem, you own your success. But when your financial advisors appear to be like every other financial advisor, they miss out on high net-worth prospects. The wealthy have problems that they need solved. In this talk, Derrick teaches your advisors how to position themselves as the specialist to solve wealthy prospect problems.
  • How to Make More Money & Experience More Meaning: Creating Your Generosity Purpose™
    When advisors have a cause that they care deeply about, it motivates them to grow their business to do more good. High net-worth prospects are attracted to working with professionals who are making the world and their local community better. It also engages advisors’ existing clients to be part of a bigger purpose—so they become raving referral sources. As advisors become known as a “friend of their community” their business scales. And they attract and retain top-quality staff too.
  • 3 Steps to Stand Out As the “Advisor of Choice” to Buy Other Advisors’ Businesses
    Buying another advisor’s book of business is one of the most effective ways to scale your business. But the time-intensive and confusing process can feel like the Wild West—unless you have Derrick’s proven playbook for success. He walks your advisors step-by-step through his framework to help them secure more deals and stop spinning their wheels. Derrick prevents your advisors from making costly mistakes that waste time and money.

An Inspiring Message Advisors are Hungry For

Advisors want fresh and actionable advice that will catapult their businesses and their lives to new heights. Derrick’s books have become bestsellers because they offer proven, effective strategies for advisors to make a lot more money and enjoy a life full of meaning and purpose. Derrick can bring this transformative message to your event.

Best-Selling Author Derrick Kinney

Derrick’s books have been named “Movers & Shakers” on Amazon and are Wall Street Journal and USA Today national bestsellers. His books are redefining how advisors can dramatically grow their businesses and enjoy meaning and purpose in their lives.

Good Money Framework Podcast

A personal message
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Derrick Kinney has spoken to thousands of financial advisors. Get a special video revealing what he has discovered advisors are concerned about now and what they want from a speaker.

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